True Signs

If someone has to tell you how great they are, that’s usually a sign that they are hiding deeply rooted issues and the facade of greatness shields you from their true story.

Troubled people are not always bad people, they just need help.  It can be hard to get them to allow you into their world, but when they do give you an all-access pass ensure you have the ability and time to dedicate towards really helping them.  If you are not properly equipped to tackle the problem you will only cause them to withdraw from you and others and the facade of protection will only grow more elaborate.

So, read the signs accordingly and be properly prepared to adjust to changes.

Be a blessing to others and never wait for them to bless you; it will happen.


It’s Your Problem to Own

You can’t expect someone to feel secure with your insecurities.

Stop trying to make your lack of self-love be what others feel about themselves and get some help.

Failing to remedy this problem will only lead to more pain, heartbreak, and loss of valuable relationships.

Look in the mirror and start seeing the problem that is right in front of you looking through your soul…….YOU.

Here We Go!

Hmmmm………I’ve finally made the decision to not publish my book but instead, blog about the content of my book and the ideas that constantly flood my head.

You normally see my thoughts on my personal Facebook page at #RoysMentoringSessions, but I will no longer spill my brain on my personal page.

So, for those of you who know me, enjoy the ride and for the perfect stranger, who will know me soon, smile and enjoy “The Glory of Hope”.