Morning Meditation: True Friends Are You With Me?

One way to determine who’s truly a friend, through thick and thin, is to switch up your narrative and take a harder route in life. Those people who support you along your new journey are either true friends or only along to receive some type of benefit upon your success. Give to those supporters who never ask and close the door on the ones who are always asking when they can essentially do for themselves. After all of this, you will then know who your true friends are.



Morning Meditation: Think about it…..No, really think deeply!

It’s best to get to know yourself before engaging in a relationship. If you don’t get to know yourself you will essentially allow someone else to get to know a person you don’t even know (Yourself). Conversely, it is a good thing to truly evaluate the person you’re interested in and give enough time to see if the mask is permanent, or if there is another face underneath.

This has been the topic for several rounds of counseling I have had with several people I counsel/mentor. Getting them to realize that a great looking package on the outside could be hiding some deadly realities, is a work like none other.

Everything that looks good is not good for you; even sugar is a leading cause of cavities!

Good morning, good people!


Never Give Up

Morning Meditation: “He who gives up will always be seeking- Never give up!” —R. Lydell Rucker Sr.

“Always remember to read the entire book when seeking answers. The answer you seek just might be the last word of the final sentence on the very last page of the book!”

—R. Lydell Rucker Sr.



What God Has For You Is Yours

Be Yourself And God Will Reward You With What Was Meant Just For You!

When you have to change who you are, to fit someone else’s designs of the perfect person, you have essentially compromised who you are as a person.

What you seek after will essentially implode as soon as you think you have it figured out, because it was obtained under false pretenses.

Some things are meant to stay out of your league for a really good reason; simply because they are not meant for you.

Trust your true foundation and build upon it, without adding diluted cement from someone else’s cheap mixture!