You can lead a horse to water and drown him in an attempt to make him drink or you can let him make the decision to drink on his own.

Personally, I would choose to allow him to drink on his own because he knows just how thirsty he is and can intake what he needs.

The moral is: You can force people to accept your will or you can leave them be. It’s best to allow them to make their own decisions because they are the ones who have to live with the decisions and not you.

Some people learn best by realizing where they failed and never repeating those same steps ever again and others represent the true meaning of insanity by repeating the same failing actions over and over again while expecting a different outcome and never receiving it.

I would choose true spiritual growth over all else, because it’s the one thing God is pleased with and it will never produce hate, envy, greed, lust, destructive anger, or arrogance.

Humble yourselves in the site of The Lord and He will lift you up, especially if you are studying to show yourselves approved a workman unto God who need not be ashamed rightfully discerning the word of truth.


2 thoughts on “Choices…Hmmmm!

  1. A very timely response. I’m often frustrated when I attempt to persuade loved ones to prosper by changing their thoughts and subsequent actions and they don’t make the changes. I “leave them be,” but normally I get upset in the process.

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