Pruning Non-Productive Limbs From The Family Tree

We often stunt our growth by allowing dead or non-nurturing limbs to stay attached to our lives.  These limbs not only tend to hinder the life of one person but often infect and choke out the entire tree if they are not pruned away from time to time.

These infected limbs care very little about the state of the foundation of the inherited tree because their main focus is to suck the life out of everything they are even remotely attached to.  These limbs see no reason to open up their leaves and absorb sunlight to provide energy to the tree and are only concerned about themselves and what they can absorb from others.

Most people find it difficult to cut off nonproductive, leeching friends and family members and often revert to continuous enabling of their leeching ways………I’m thankful I don’t have that problem.  Some people consider my actions as void of love or consideration, but those same people never realize that their selfish expectations of me render them as the disingenuous ones.  These leeches waddle in a world void of self-actualization and will never reach their full potential of being productive citizens in our society.  It’s really easy to identify these leeches because they are the people who find it hard to step outside of their fantasy worlds and realize that they are often the common denominator in all of the problems that persist in their world and everyone else’s they have infected.

  • Mental Leeches
  • Money Leeches
  • Emotional Leeches
  • Vain Leeches
  • Greed Leeches
  • Hypocritical Leeches
  • Fake Leeches
  • Time Leeches
  • Attention Leeches
  • Sympathy Leeches
  • Growth Leeches
  • Respect of Choice Leeches
  • Love Leeches
  • Spiritual Leeches


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