The Most Precious Of All

God, continue to bless me with the ability to take care of your angel and be the godly father she deserves.
I can’t miss the mark on this one! I remain humbled and optimistically excited about what my fatherly maturity has to offer such a precious one as she.
She will never have to depend on others to show her what true love is; she receives it everyday of her life from home!
She will never have to wait to be exposed to chivalry from a man void of chivalry; I have shown her that from the time she took her first breath!
She will have every avenue to a successful life, as long as God allows me to live; she will only need to seize every moment along the way and own it!
My Rylee Isabelle ❤️!

Facing Your Fearless

The best way to face your fear is head on!

I had avoided being on my bike for months, for fear of being hit by some of the craziest drivers I’ve ever witnessed.

Today, I decided to face my fear and I faced it head on, and with confidence.

Besides, with bad hips and a bad back, I have to stay in shape some sort of way! 😇




Environments that implode, normally do so from a lack of internal or external structural support; most of the time the weak or nonexistent internal foundational support is what triggers the collapse.

Make sure your foundation is solid before you start to build (Relationships). You can learn a lot from a pile of rubble.

—Roy L. Rucker Sr.


Seeing God’s Plan

“We often fail when we try to make someone fit into our lives, who was never meant to be there in the first place.”

“The sobering reality is this: Even if they stay, neither of you will ever be truly happy. You can’t force love, you can’t buy friends, and you surely can’t make the will of God do something it was never intended to do.”

–Roy L. Rucker Sr.